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Friday, October 22, 2010

Ants move like honey! / Mass creation in graphene / Ton's of Today's Overflow

Ants in groups move just like a viscous fluid.  It's incredible to see the striking similarity side by side.  Watch them flow out of a funnel like honey, and spread out just like food coloring.  Liquid in groups, it blows my mind! Abstract/Paper on ArXiv. Here's the link to the must see video download (also from ArXiv)

On the more serious side, physicists think mass might be able to be created in graphene.  Serious practical implications here.  It's really huge news.  Article on ArXiv Blog

Chances are you've already caught wind of the Most Distant Object Yet Seen. Article on ScienceNOW

The science behind a dog's wet shake... Not the most important discovery, I'd say, but entertaining.  Article on ArXiv Blog

Wild dolphins and cultural adaptation.  They've learned the "walk on water" trick from our captive dolphins.  Article on BBC

India is going to build their version of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory.  Welcome to the scene guys, good luck!  Article on BBC

"Black Hole VS Massive Star" Article on ScienceNOW

"Testing the hypothesis of a holographic universe"  Article on Symmetry Magazine and appearing on many other sites, including Digg.  Pretty awesome.

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