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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brainwave scanners can use your thoughts to control appliances or even play videogames

There's a video article on Reuters today about a mind reading device allowing you to interact with elements in your home such as blinds and lamps.  I've seen this same technology developed specifically for videogames.  Modifying it for household appliances doesn't make it revolutionary. 
A brainwave scanning headset was partly funded by LucasArts specifically for the usage of the "force" being actually part of gameplay for new Star Wars videogames.  It was at display during the Gamer Development Conference in 2008.  This (now) old technology was created by a company called Emotiv Systems, and had the intimidating pricetag of 300$.  With hardware prices on the trend they've been on, you can now get a new xbox 360 for 200$.  The gaming headset, called the EPOC neuroheadset, never skyrocketed to fame.  I always wanted to try it out though!  Check out the USA Today Article from 2008 on the gaming headset.
I'll go ahead and post the new video, hot off the presses over at Reuters on the appliance headset.

His sales pitch tells us to imagine a future in which the device, knowing that we've had a bad day at work, takes appropriate measures so you have beer in the fridge and a hot meal waiting for you.  This is ridiculous.  If that was possible, you'd want that EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Might as well throw the headset away in that case.  What a horrible pitch.

"Video of asteroid near miss from this morning" Article over at one of my favorite blogs, Bad Astronomy.
An amazing new picture of the sun, and Article about current solar flare activity, again over at Bad Astronomy.
OMG upon further review, here's the Site where he got that sun pic.  MANY other mindblowing ones up there.  Wallpaper heaven I tell you.
Team of Swiss astronomers bring about information shedding serious doubt on the recently widely popular Goldilocks planet, Gliese 581g.  Article on ScienceNOW

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