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Monday, October 18, 2010

Carbon nanotubes are insanely awesome

Carbon nanotubes are insane.  They're made up of a sheet of carbon atoms rolled up into a cylinder.  The properties of a sheet of these cylinders allow for some ridiculously strange features.  This video looks like a goddamn magic show.

Here is a brief video that explains carbon nanotubes.  It's interesting to hear the measurements of these things.  Made up of such tiny structures, it's incredible that they can be stronger than steel.

And the coup de grace, a real demonstration of how water droplets interact with a sheet of carbon nanotubes.  This BLOWS MY MIND!  It's also on its way to being a viral video (accelerating quickly in popularity) on youtube.

For further layman's explanation, check out the Article on Gizmodo

A topic I ran across recently is the Neuroscience of Free Will.  Basically the idea is that your body initiates movement before you consciously are aware of moving.  The interpretation that you are moving on your own is your frontal lobe processing that you have already moved.  The Article on wikipedia is wonderful on this topic.

"Humanity will need two Earths to sustain itself in just twenty years" Article on Gizmodo

Us humans being the destructive bastards we are, have completely eradicated a disease.  Causing something to go extinct is rarely a good thing, but here it definitely is!  Article on Discover Blogs: 80 Beats

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