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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Walruses Walruses Walruses Walruses!

Is Wilford Brimley's facial hair awesome?  10,000 Walruses in a resounding "yes".  I love these animals.  Always have.

Video Credit: USGS
Found via this Article on Reuters

An interesting, approachable Article on NYTimes if you are interested in the study of consciousness

New "Molecular Frisbees" to be more much more cost effective at separating uranium isotopes.  Keep the bombs coming, guys, we don't quite have enough to blow up the entire solar system.  Article on ArXiv Blog

Quantized molecular vibrations called Phonons have just been shown to be able to jump a vacuum gap!  Oh vacuums, the more we know about it, the stranger it gets.  Article on PhysicsWorld

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