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Saturday, January 8, 2011


My friend Kurt gave me a logic based riddle he found.  I've been focusing on it for many hours, and I finally solved it.  This is actually why I've missed a couple days of blogging.  Here it is, the Marble Riddle:

You have 12 marbles.  They are identical in size and shape.  One of the marbles is of a different weight than the other 11, either lighter or heavier.  Using a simple scale ONLY THREE TIMES and with only these marbles, isolate the unique marble AND determine whether it is light or heavy.

I wrote out my answer and I will post it tomorrow!  It's a time-eater, I warn you!  Probably the most fun logic riddle I've ever seen.  I'm very proud of myself for figuring out the answer.

A Tip: After developing a strategy, go through it step by step, on paper, to double check and triple check your strategy.  Expect several dead ends.


Here's the answer post on my blog.

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