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Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Than Enough Walruses to Choke a Horse

It's no secret to those who know me that I love walruses.  
Here's a video I recently found, by the USGS, of walruses chilling in Alaska.
If at some point, you're wondering, "What comes next!?"  The answer is more walruses.
"USGS Science: Walrus Haul-Out 2011"

To quote the USGS Site:
"Female Pacific walruses and their calves traditionally spend summers far from shore, diving for benthic invertebrates over the shallow continental shelf waters of the Chukchi Sea. These female walruses and their calves prefer to rest between forage bouts on sea ice drifting above their feeding grounds. However, in recent years loss of summer sea ice over the continental shelf has forced many walruses to travel to the northwest coast of Alaska where they haul-out on shore to rest. This large herd of walruses hauled out near Pt. Lay Alaska in August of 2011."

Video Credit: U.S. Geological Survey - Department of the Interior/USGS - Video Producer/Videographer Daniel H. Monson, Ph.D

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