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Friday, October 21, 2011

Satellites Capture Worldwide Fires: A Decade Time Lapsed

"At any given time [thousands of wildfires] are burning around the world—some wild and deadly, some intentional and controlled for land clearing."
- ScienceNow

NASA's description for the videos below: "This visualization leads viewers on a narrated global tour of fire detections beginning in July 2002 and ending July 2011. The visualization also includes vegetation and snow cover data to show how fires respond to seasonal changes."

New, here's the first video, narrated and marking globally where fires occurred, wild or otherwise. 
NASA's satellites Terra (read about HERE ) and Aqua (read about HERE ) gathered this data. It's mesmerizing to see.

This second new video is also from NASA.  This is a bit more dynamic visually, as it is sped up slightly, but it has no audio.  This is what you can see at ScienceNow, which was linked above.  They aren't providing embed coding, (neither does NASA) so I had to get this and the previous video from NASA's site and upload it to my YouTube account.  Because of that, these videos probably aren't spread very far across the web yet. Ya saw it here first!

A search on YouTube brought me to this video, a similar mapping of wildfires, this different in that it spans from 2000-2010, whereas the above NASA videos span less than a decade.  This is also notably different because the animation is from a top down perspective of the (classic North American) flat map of the globe.

All Video Credits: NASA

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