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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Using An Array of Cameras to Accurately Model a Flickering Flame


The video takes a little bit to get to the point, but flames in the beginning are mesmerizing.  It should carry you into the real heart of this project.
The cameras employed are used in tandem to allow for 3d modeling of an actual flickering flame.   Seeing the model rotate in three dimensions is mind blowing.  Their explanation of the camera work uses an example of 9 cameras working together.  The visuals used during this portion of the video are well done and explain the process nicely.  In the actual experiment, the data captured for the modeling done was gathered by an array of 8 cameras.  The same basic principals apply.

The combination of technology and fire is always a crowd pleaser.

In my opinion, this is a gem of a find on ArXiv.
You can read the paper here:
Flame Reconstruction Using Synthetic Aperture Imaging

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Preston Murray, Jonathon Pendlebury, Dale Tree, & Tadd Truscott (2011). Flame Reconstruction Using Synthetic Aperture Imaging arXiv arXiv: 1110.3700v1

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