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Sunday, November 13, 2011

An Atheist's Nostalgia for Religion

Here's Robert Sapolsky, professor at Stanford.
You might have to turn the volume up, he's a little quiet.

MY Nostalgia for Religion:
Something that's not often brought up is the religious nostalgia some atheists feel.  I was raised catholic, and became atheist in my teens.  I remember the security of knowing a benevolent God was watching out for me.  I remember the satisfaction of knowing justice will be done during the sorting of the afterlife.
With pride for humanity I remember thinking the most important of the world's secrets have been discovered; that all the most important truths could never be falsified.  

Then atheist, the weight of the world fell from the heavens to the ground.
I am now incapable of accepting anything by faith.
A Trick:
Over the years, I've found perspective that fills in some of the gaps.  I've found that studying Astronomy and Quantum Theory has finally brought me a sense of belonging in the Universe.  We are all insignificant, but while we're here, lets make the best of it.

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  1. I edited this video down from a longer uncut version that you can find here on YouTube.


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