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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Birth of the Island Surtsey

 This amazing piece was filmed by Osvaldur Knudsen in 1963.

If you'd like to read up on the birth of Surtsey, there's PLENTY to read.

If you're more interested in seeing some really cool pics, there's a photo gallery HERE.  I'd like to post some of the pictures, but they prohibit it.

"There has always been great interest in Surtsey, and numerous articles have been written about it. In the field of geological sciences, a total of 288 papers and books on the Surtsey eruption and Surtsey in the period 1963-1990 have been written in 11 different languages. The number of articles on the biology of the island is most likely similar."
-The Surtsey Research Society

The Surtsey Research Society's website has tons of information and seems to be the hub of knowledge on this subject.

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  1. To tie things together, Surtsey and the study evolution are actually linked. Surtsey was studied to see how life populates a new island. The life on the new island then forms a smaller breeding population which increases the rate of pairing up of recessive genes.



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