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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Carl Sagan!

NASA and The Sagan Series are celebrating the 77th birthday of the great Carl Sagan.  Spreading reason to the public, touching lives one by one, his influence has been far more important and effective than the credit he is given.  Here's the first installment of The Sagan Series.  We miss you Carl, and the world is a lesser place without your passion.

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Deep breath now, it's a lot:
FULL CREDIT goes to Michael Marantz for his brilliant original:
AND OF COURSE to Carl Sagan.  The Pale Blue Dot.
BBC The Great Rift -
Home -
BBC Planet Earth -
Baraka -
"G20 Protest the Battle of Toronto"
BBC Life -
"NYC - Mindrelic Timelapse"
"Eye Macro"
"Gulf Oil Spill Effects On Wildlife"
"Biggest Full Moon HD Video"
"Gemini Observatory"
Used with permission wherever possible.

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