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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Video Interviews: Can Science Explain Everything?

Everything.  What a word.  Not much else seems to fluster scientists this much.

Do You Think Science... from Semiconductor on Vimeo.

Everything...  An all-encompassing word like that brings into the picture the dreaded idea of infinity.  Math can work with infinity sometimes, sure.  Even an early calculus concept of a derivative expresses a chopping down of a value "as it approaches infinity."  We can't do science without data, and data implies measurement.  With measurement comes math. 
Can (math) measurements be extracted from "everything?"  I don't know either. 

 One thing that makes me sad is that my understanding of math will never even almost approach the abilities of scientists on the cutting edge of current discovery. 

The Filmmakers
I'm a big fan of Semiconductor.  Most of their work is abstract, not at all like this.  These artists push the limit, often incorporating noise that ties in with scientific data.

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