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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Railguns are so incredibly powerful, it's hard to accept these things are real when first exposed to them.

Further development has just been unclassified and reported on the US Navy's new railguns.

You should know that the energy involved in shooting a "normal" gun is of a level fit for its mass.  The lightweight shell of a 50 cal, you're no longer impressive.

We have set the world record for the highest energy projectile,
33 megajoules...
a 23 pound bullet...
5500 feet in a single second.

None of those numbers are typos.

The navy states they have goals for a version capable of 10 projectiles per minute, hopefully accurate to distances of 50-100 nautical miles.

From previous research on railguns, I've read about versions of these projectiles capable of fragmenting and raining down high speed destruction over large square footage.  Compared to a shotgun, we're going from slugs to buck shot.

This weapon is undoubtedly scary.  However, this is unclassified and reported.
What may be classified is what scares me.

found via various online news sites, the best of which was Wired.

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