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Monday, March 26, 2012

Baboons Kidnap Puppies, Successfully Integrate Them into Their Groups

Saudi Arabian baboons have been videotaped kidnapping puppies and raising them as pets.
It's fairly emotional.  This behavior in humans is atrocious.  It rings of Stockholm Syndrome. 

"[Baboons] will sometimes 'kidnap' feral dog pups to raise as pets and keep for protection, eventually forming a symbiotic relationship." - emocliae

"The 'adoption process' is closer to kidnapping than rescuing, so be warned — the first couple of minutes make for some pretty rough viewing." -The Daily What

Video Credit:
Found first at Io9, who credits The Daily What, who credits Super Punch, who credits Reddit, who points to YouTube, who points to the HOMEPAGE for Cobb County.  The subject is nowhere to be found on Cobb County.  Good job people. 

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