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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Nassim Haramein of "The Schwarzschild Proton" Part 2

Any shred of respect I had for this guy is now gone.

Three months ago, I wrote a "debunking" of Nassim Haramein's Unified Theory he titled "The Schwarzschild Proton."  I simply pointed out a tremendous amount of holes in his argument which he had very conspicuously not addressed. 

The post is here:

Continued traffic and increasingly defensive comments made me curious.  Posted below is what I then found.  I've been laughing all evening!  Well!  Let's see some other works of his, shall we?

Nassim Haramein, sharing his vast knowledge of singularities:
"Then, you know, so then I was thinking about that, and like.. Huh! Ok, well, you know, if you were to travel through the universe... And everyone-everything in the universe is a singularity... Then you could, you know, build a ship that's able to go inside a singularity. That ship would have to have a drive at its center that's a singularity itself... OK? And you could enter a local singularity, and because you're in singularity, connected to all things, you could come out anywhere you want, anywhere else in the universe!"
Nassim Haramein on UFO's caught on video entering the sun:
"Now, the only comets that I know of that do that type of crazy movements are the ones that have little windows and little guys in the back, waving. OK? The size of the Earth."
"...And so, I was really amazed to find this video. And I thought, my god, you know, if you were a society that had ships the size of the Earth, you wouldn't be able to go into any small black holes like the Earth. That would be, your ship just would be too big for the... Earth. So, you'd go for the next fractal level of black holes. You'd go for the sun. But if you were using a smaller ship, and you wanted to go through the black hole of the Earth, then you would find that black hole by going through the sunspots of the Earth. The sunspots would be the volcanoes you find on Earth."

These are direct quotes from Nassim Haramein I typed out just now.  This from just one of many pseudoscientific lectures.

The above is from this.  See for yourself.
"Earth Sized Ufo's Using The Sun As A Stargate Video"

Video Credit: THE Nassim Haramein
I find it funny that votes up/down is disabled.  Comments are also disabled on this video.

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  1. Is he a charlatan, if he believes it himself?

  2. Really don't know what to think...
    But a fact is that The Schwarzschild Proton Paper is at least considered by The American Institute of Physics.
    So mister genius ( the guy who wrote this post ) maybe can go to the institute and can explain to Physicist why the paper is wrong, so that will end the discussion and save money for investigation.

  3. He was invited to the conference. He spoke. The conference proceeding were published just as that, conference proceedings. This does not mean he was peer reviewed and published in the journal.

    Keep asking questions. Don't stop.

  4. The "Schwartzschild proton" paper tries to prove that protons are really black holes. Haramein hypothesizes that there is enough vacuum energy inside a proton to create a black hole. He then proceeds to calculate the mass of this black hole, and it comes to 885 million tons. If every proton in your body had a mass of 855 million tons, no amount of dieting would help you. So his hypothesis makes a grossly erroneous prediction, which means that the theory fails. A real scientist would say back to the drawing board and rework the theory; Haramein sticks to it no matter what. That's called self-delusion.

  5. He's full of crap and I find him amazingly amusing. Conspiracy theorist and charlatan. But damn if he didn't confuse some people here. Bit of a litmus test.

  6. If you have any knowledge of physics at all, you would realize that "mainstream" has also not figured out the "mass" problem. The smallest thing in the Universe is known as the "planck" constant, which is 1.618 X 10 to power of -33. If you packed everything in a cube of 1 cm3, it would exceed the "mass" of the Universe. This is a problem with relativity and the expanding Universe as the concepts of gravity, the weak and strong forces have not been "reconciled" yet in a Unified theory. I haven't read the other claims but I have examined the math and the equations in the paper published, including the calculations for c or the velocity of light, which is an important assumption in Einstein's theroy of special relativity E = Mc2. If you have an equation that disproves or rebuts his equation, please publish here. I can't come up with any equation that would do this for now.. still looking though.

    1. dj Busby, I have been researching and reading through lots of debunking bloggers like you who are dedicated to discrediting the work of Nassim Haramein. You all sound the same, and make similar claims and even reference each other. You never point out all the scientists that are agreeing with Nassim and find his work very credible. Why don't you try to be fair and and point out both the pro's and con's of his work, then that would make you appear to be more credible in my eyes. The real search for truth would be open to both the negative and positive aspects of Nassim's work. You are completely focused on the negative and just want to debunk, devalue and destroy his theories. Why is that? I can't help but feel that you must have a broader agenda. His theories are connected with science that could lead to free energy in the future, and many powerful people would want that kind of science completely debunked.

    2. dj Busby....I have been researching the work of different debunkers of Nassim Haramein's theories, and have came to the conclusion that you all sound the same and even reference each other. Why don't any of you ever mention all the scientists that find his work very credible? To be fair in your search for the truth, shouldn't you mention both the pro's and con's of Nassim's scientific theories? To discover the truth we need to look at both the positives and negatives in new scientific theories, that is what creates progress. Because you dwell on discrediting Nassim Haramein, it makes me wonder if you have a broader agenda. Nassim is exploring theories in science that could be the key to free energy in the future, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to associate yourself as being connected in any way with the many powerful forces who would work to debunk the creation and development of free energy to power our future.

  7. That is why he won an award for his Schwartzschild proton paper at that conference he spoke at.
    Here's an idea, why don't you check his work, if it is wrong, then maybe you have ground to speak on. Take the given mass and dimensions of the planchs distance and the given dimensions of a proton, and calculate the mass of the proton. It is a fairly strait forward calculation.

    1. Why no reputable physicist such as Juan Maldacena, Paul Davies or Steven Weinberg commented at all about NH's theories?

  8. Thank you all for your comments. It's interesting to see how sure many of you are. Keep reading, keep learning, keep questioning!

  9. Poor show by the author. Does it sound any less to 'pseudoscientific' say that you body is mostly empty space, that the particles that make you aren't even there half the time (and perhaps not at all without a consciousness to collapse the probability wave of their existence) And that you're ultimately made of particles called leptons, hadrons and quarks? All accepted fact. Quantum theory sounds like fantasy to the uninitiated but it's what makes our technology possible. It's not fair to 'debunk' someone just because you don't understand the subject. Also the quotes you have used are not exactly representative of his work when you take a few sentences, cherry-picked from the middle the middle of a six hour presentation and given no context. Study quantum physics a bit and then watch the full Presentation. YouTube nassim haramein rogue valley. His work may sound mad but it's only as mad as the current theory and infact makes a lot more sense and fits the empirical evidence better. Don't spread or perpetuate ignorance. If you don't understand something then don't go telling others what to think about it, that's not gonna help anyone. Use your platform to add something to the internet, not further dilute it

  10. Well, Anonymous! You basically just said I don't understand quantum theory at all, which is not true, and you're not impressing me with your blather. You don't really have to cherry pick his lectures. You ought to watch a few of them and get a sense for who the guy really is and question why he's speaking to the public in the first place. That will first require a basic background of the scientific consensus of whichever subject you are approaching, so good luck. By all means gentlemen, continue.

  11. Haha the page authors lame attempts to maintain an air of intellectual superiority in response to the comments that are clearly way over his head are hilarious

  12. The issue of his credibility is obvious. I don't deal in ufos and nasa cover ups like him. I do know some science. I'm not a PHD. Lots of people are getting very huffy. Please, by all means, continue and enjoy.

  13. Nassim Haramein is not credible as a physicist, and neither apparently is the author. I only spent one semester in college studying Quantum Mechanics, on my way to a Bachelor's in Science, Renewable Energy Engineering, and also read QED, so my understanding of it is not complete. What I do know is that it is full of assumptions based on what has NOT been observed (such as the energy of Hydrogen's ground state) and numbers based on observation, with no explanation of how those numbers relate to anything that happens in a space even as large as a proton. In QM there is no explanation of the equations used, and no derivation from apriori theory. In fact, the equations they use are used precisely because they can describe ANY probabilistic phenomenon, as I learned in Calc 4.

    What Nassim DOES offer is a perspective that differs from the accepted 'scientific' theory. His mathematics are poor - I have seen his entire DVD and subjected it to my own rigorous standards - but his theory is worth exploring.

    It is a mistake to label and discredit a PERSON because their theory has holes in it, and the tone and style of the author's work appears to do exactly that. It is an even bigger mistake to discredit a person's entire work based on errors in PARTS of that work. Colloquially, they call that throwing the baby out with the bathwater. The author seems to find Mr. Haramein so offensive that he is unable to see any value in a theory that could shed new light on our universe.

    It is good that some scientists are taking an interest in Haramein's Proton theory - and I myself have done the calculations. A little 'debunking' of my own - simply because an object has the energy equivalent of over 800 tonnes of mass does not mean that it WEIGHS over 800 tonnes. The author is confusing energy with weight, demonstrating his own lack of scientific training and/or rigor.

    1. Quynton McDonald , Hi... I am Not a physicist here nor nothing near but, ins't the energy of a body equal to its mass times c^2? therefore somewhat related as e=mc^2 shows? where is the lack of rigor? And please be nice, I am not trying to be cocky.

  14. “Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They invent. They imagine. They heal. They explore. They create. They inspire. They push the human race forward. Maybe they have to be crazy. How else can you stare at an empty canvas and see a work of art? Or sit in silence and hear a song that’s never been written? Or gaze at a red planet and see a laboratory on wheels? While some see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Ring any bells? If you where alive 100 years ago and if i told you that in 100 years time people would be able to send messages across vast distances instantaneously you would have called me a charlatan at the local pub too. Nassim Haramein has certainly inspired and for that matter, entertained me too. Dont care if he is not 100% or even 70% accurate. The Standard Model stinks too. Always good to see things from his perspective. Not saying Nassim is a genius but if Albert Einstein were born 200 years earlier he would have run into serious shit for saying what he believed. So stop reducing things into if it is not black then it's white. There are many shades of grey. What i wouldn't give to have Tesla born only 20 to 30 years later.


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