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Thursday, May 3, 2012

SCIBINGE: Clouds Catch Fire / Zooming In On Orion / The Science Of Prayer

Today, featured on Atmospheric Optics:
"Iridescent Cloud Beings Over Flatirons of Boulder Colorado"
"Imaginary cloud creatures seem to prance across the sky above the Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado."

Also released today, over at ESO (European Southern Observatory)
"Sifting through Dust near Orion’s Belt (zoom)"
"This zoom sequence opens with a wide-field view of the Milky Way. We close in on the constellation of Orion and as we zoom in on to a region close to Orion’s famous Belt, a fascinating region of dust and reflection nebulosity — known as Messier 78 — comes into view."

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Video Credit: ESO/APEX (MPIfR/ESO/OSO)/T. Stanke et al./S. Brunier/Chris Johnson ( Sky Survey 2, and Igor Chekalin. Music: Disasterpeace

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