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Monday, October 15, 2012

You have POUNDS of Microorganisms Inside You

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The Human Microbiome

I hope you enjoyed the poll I posted for this article!  
63% of you 
thought micro-organisms comprised 3-5% of our body mass.
It's 1-3%

In the human body, we are host to a variety of 100 TRILLION different microbes.
New York Times: [link]
Discover Magazine says 200 Trillion [link] says that, startlingly, the ratio in the body, is only ONE human cell to TEN foreign micro-organisms.  [link]
Discover Magazine says 20 to 1. [link]

A whopping 1-3% of your total body mass is not you.
So for a 200lb. man, 2lb. to 6lb. of your weight are other living things.
It's bacteria, fungus, and other lovely little "beasties."
Again, National Institute of Health: [link]

These organisms are all over us.  Almost all of them are harmless.  Bacteria comprises much, but others are there, such as fungi.  500-1000 different species of bacteria alone live in the gut alone.
Human Biome on Wikipedia: []

Beyond the gut, the skin and mouth are teeming with life.  Even further, we are simply covered.

Germophobes, I'm sorry to tell you, your goals may be far beyond your reach.


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