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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Photo Evidence: Phoenix Found In The Sky ;) Ahem...

Sorta... ;)
In the center of the Flame Nebula, 1,400 light years away, what a gorgeous shot here, so reminiscent of the fabled Phoenix.  
     This is a picture of the clusters of NGC 2024.  (An astro database, basically.  NGC stands for The New General Catalogue, and lists 7,840 objects.)
This being listed as NGC 2024... 
Maybe the PHOENIX IS COMING... In 2024?? 
At least we'd have a decade to enjoy ourselves before the bird of flames' reign!
Composite Image Credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/PSU/K.Getman, E.Feigelson, M.Kuhn & the MYStIX team; Infrared:NASA/JPL-Caltech found at NASA

Not to be outdone by mythological jokes, 
the optical spectrum capture of this area in the sky is also BREATHTAKING:
Image Credit: DSS (Digitized Sky Survey, image found off of Chandra's site)

Want to learn more about the Flame Nebula?  Let Me Google That For You :)

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